STA at UN Climate Conference

The STA supported the launch of the new project, "Implementing Strategies for Regional Transitions to Low-Emissions Rural Development in Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Kenya" today at COP22, the annual UN Climate conference.

The project will focus on implementing Jurisdictional Performance Systems for the transition to low-emission rural development (LED-R) in 8 large-scale jurisdictions, overlapping with STA regions:
•Indonesia - Central Kalimantan and another province to be determined
•Peru - 5 Amazon states in the Governors’ Climate and Forest Task Force, and Pachitea watershed
•Mexico - Chiapas state
•Colombia - Caquetá and Guaviare municipalities
•Kenya - Mao Forest watersheds



eii_FINAL COP SideEvent invite.jpg

The panel was moderated by Rosa Maria Vidal, of the Governors Climate and Forest Task Force, a key partner in sub-national action on LED-R.

The STA also co-hosted another COP22 event today to discuss new innovations for sustainable jurisdictions in the tropics, which included comments from Aisha Karanja, of our partner organization Green Belt Movement in Kenya, and Joko Arif, of partner organization Inovasi Bumi in Indonesia.