Sapopema Hosts Participatory Mapping Workshops in Faro and Juruti Municipalities

On May 2nd and 3rd, STA partner SAPOPEMA (Society for Environmental Research and Protection), together with MOPEBAM (Association of the Movement of Lower Amazon Fishers) and FETAGRI (Federation of Agricultural Workers of the Lower Amazon), conducted two participatory mapping workshop in the cities of Faro and Jurutí, in the Lower Amazon region of Brazil. This event aimed to map the activities of artisanal fishing, family agriculture and extractive activities, as well as identify the impacts caused by the El Niño phenomenon and the suspension of the closed spawning period for fisheries in the region.

The workshop was attended by members of the social movement, union and municipal and state agencies, including: The Fishers’ Union Z-42; the Union of Rural Workers – STTR; the Municipal Secretary of Environment; the Municipal Secretary of Agricultural Production; local EMATER; ADEPARÁ; Agro-Extractive Settlement Reserves (PAEs) Salé, Parana, Rosa, Balaio, and Santa Rita; Gleba Curumucuri; and Quelônio da Amazônia. 

Workshop participants commented that the mapping was an important activity to help the leaders and the municipal agencies in identifying problems and difficulties, and from there, seek solutions and partners to overcome them.

These workshops are third and fourth in a series of workshops across the Lower Amazon of Brazil. Read the report from the first one here.