Smallholder Trainings in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Innovation for smallholders is not only necessary for sustainable palm oil, smallholder farmers are embracing it. STA member INOBU conducted a series of smallholder training in 2016 across a range of topics designed to prepare the farmers of Central Kalimantan for jurisdictional certification, including Integrated Pest Management. This week, INOBU is on the ground in Pangkalan Tiga (West Kotawaringin district, Central Kalimantan), where the landscape is observably transforming. Smallholders are adopting environmentally sound agricultural practices, despite generations of doing things the old way. INOBU helped the local farmers cooperative (KUD) to set up an internal control system and learning center. Prior to this intervention, smallholders disposed of pesticide containers along the roadside. Now, the KUD has a thorough system for disposing of hazardous pesticide containers: containers are collected at these buildings, checked and audited, and then collected by the district environmental agency for proper disposal. 

These are the changes that transform a commodity throughout its cultivation and production life-cycle. Well done, Central Kalimantan!