STA partners build bridges between the local, regional, and global through a participatory approach to low-emission rural development.

IPAM, brazil

Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia (IPAM) is a non-profit, scientific organization working on sustainable development of the Amazon by generating economic prosperity and social justice, while conserving the integrity of ecosystems.

IPAM's work in Mato Grosso and Acre →


IBC, Peru

Instituto del Bien Común (IBC) works with rural communities to promote the sustainable management of commons, such as communal lands, bodies of water, forests, fisheries, and natural protected areas.

IBC's work in the Pachitea Basin of Peru →


Green belt Movement, Kenya

The Green Belt Movement (GBM) is an environmental organization that empowers communities, particularly women, to conserve the environment and improve livelihoods. GBM strives for better environmental management, community empowerment, and livelihood improvement using tree-planting as an entry point.

GBM's work in Kenya →


Earth innovation institute

Earth Innovation Institute (EII) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that catalyzes the transition to low-emission rural development by promoting sustainable approaches to farming, forestry, and fisheries in tropical regions throughout the world.

EII's work in Mato Grosso, Acre, Lower Amazon, and Colombia →


INOBU, Indonesia

Inovasi Bumi (INOBU) is a research institute working to ensure that natural resources are managed sustainably, equitably and for the benefit of society. It researches and designs innovations for the sustainable production of commodities and extraction of natural resources, recommends policies and increases the capacity of communities.

INOBU's work in Central Kalimantan and West Papua →


ProNatura Sur, Mexico

Pronatura Sur is a non-profit, civil society organization developing local and regional processes for conservation, biodiversity protection, and natural resources management, with a key focus on sustainable development.

Pronatura Sur's work in Chiapas, Mexico →



The Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC) is an independent, non-profit making charitable organization supporting the development, implementation and verification of international agreements as well as initiatives in related areas. It plays a supporting role in the STA, linking members to international sustainable development processes.